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Rates and Services:


New Private Patient Visit (Patient Evaluation, Goals and Treatment):                            $100        

Follow-Up Private Patient Visit:                                                                                      $70

Initial Package of 8 Treatments (Initial Evaluation & Treatment plus 7 follow-ups)  $500

Follow-up Package of 8 Treatments                                                                                  $480


COMMUNITY ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENTS:  Donation-only for Veterans who show their card.  General Public $30 or SFS.  TREATMENTS ON FRIDAYS 9-Noon AT THE NATHAN HALE FOUNDATION--763 State Rd,  Plymouth, MA. (call:  508-747-2003 with questions about the Nathan Hale Foundation)   


Couple Visit:  Can be used to work on your relationship or simply to save money!          $125                                

Come and get treated together whether the issues are separate or shared!


Addiction Package-8 Treatments  (smoking, alcohol, weight-loss):                                $320 

Additional Addiction Treatments (these visits are only offered to those who first purchase an addiction package):                                                                                                                                              $40


New Patient Home Visit:            $150+ mileage  (pkgs are not available for home visits)

Follow-Up Patient Home Visit:  $100+ mileage  (pkgs are not available for home visits)


1 hr. Phone or Skype Consultation:                                                                        $70

1/2 hr. Phone or Skype Consultation:                                                                     $45 


Email Consults are free for existing Patients and for initial inquiries.  Any further care, advice, etc, will be billed at $70/hr with a minimum of $15. 

Initial Visit is approximately 1-1.5 hrs.  Follow-up visits are approximately 45 minutes to 1 hr.  Times may be shorter based on your presenting complaints or the nature of your treatment.  These are visit fees, not billed on time or service rendered. *CASH PRACTICE:  ALL VISITS MUST BE PAID FOR WITH CASH, CHECK OR VISA/MC (AT VISIT OR VIA THIS WEBSITE PRIOR TO VISIT).  ANY INSURANCE CLAIMS MUST BE HANDLED BY PATIENT AND WILL NOT AFFECT PAYMENT AT TIME OF VISIT POLICY.  

Initial Phone Consultation is FREE, (up to 10 minutes) so call today!  

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